Accommodation Report



What is an immigration accommodation report?

An Accommodation Report is required for your Entry Clearance application. It will confirm for the purpose of your visa application that your property is suitable for human habitation.


Do I need an accommodation report?

Yes, You are required to show that you are able to accommodate the applicant by providing suitable accommodation for him or her to live in when they come to the UK. You will need an Accommodation Report in order to do so. This will show that your residential property will not be overcrowded.


Both the Applicant and the Sponsor can arrange an assessor to come and visit their property.

Accommodation report for immigration purposes?

The main purpose of a report is for immigration purposes, the Entry Clearance Officer will use a report to assess whether you have met the Immigration criteria. So they can reference the property and qualifications of your assessor.


Is my property overcrowded?

To assess whether your property is currently overcrowded or will become overcrowded with the addition of the applicant, we need to look at the Housing Act in particular 1985.

Two tests are conducted these are known as:

  • the ‘Room Standard’ and
  • the ‘Space Standard’.

If you pass both of these tests your property will be suitable for accommodating the applicant.


I need a sample report or a template report?

A report will outline in simple and clear terms the condition of the property; our standard template reports will include, after inspection:

  • Whether you have passed the current requirements.
  • Who resides in the property and where the applicant will be staying.
  • What new or used facilities are contained inside your residence and how this will help the applicant.


There is a real risk that the Applicants application can be refused if the Applicant’s report has not been prepared correctly.


We have significant experience totaling over 45 years combined in assessing the adequacy of accommodation, and our expert assessors will draft it for you accordingly. We are on great terms with many law firms and can make necessary changes regarding the layout should this be required to assist your case.