How long do the reports last?


UKBA guidelines regarding property inspection report state that they will bot accept are report that is older than 12 weeks or 3 months. If you require a report to be redated and no particulars regarding the report have changed we can do this for you for a small administration fee. Any report older than six months will mean a property will need to be reassessed.


How long will my visit take?

A typical immigration property inspection will last 30 minutes. In this time your assessor will make an assessment of your residence, check your ID and answer your queries.  


What if I cannot make the appointment? 

You can cancel your appointment at any time before the visit. However we respectfully request you give us notice at the earliest opportunity so our assessors can schedule other appointments in the same slot.


What if there are issues relating to my accommodation? 

Well the good news is were on your side, so if their are any issues that could adversely affect your property inspection report we will highlight them and go through practical steps for you to rectify those issues.


Are your reports fixed price? 

Yes,  we run a transparent service so no matter how technical or long your assessment or queries take,  we will only charge you the initial flat rate which is inclusive once you book your appointment.


Are your reports accepted by UKBA and UKVI? 

Our Property Inspection Survey report are specifically for Immigration service and drafted so that nothing on our report will cause your case to fail. They are compliant with all up to date guidance and legislation.


What do your reports look like?

Our immigration reports are typically two pages and are succinct and to the point giving the Border Agency precisely what they require to ensure there can be no issues. They will define your property, apply the legal test of accommodation and how you havr passed those, they will highlight the nature of the assessment and also bear the stamp of approval by your individual assessor. Our contact details will be on their incase they want to verify the report. All our reports are printed on high quality special weave paper for quality, authenticity and gravitas.