Property Inspection Report


Your Immigration Property Inspection Report will include the following:

  •  A description off your property;
  • Names of the Sponsor, Applicant and all other occupants;
  • Breakdown of the number of rooms along with measurement by area size;
  • Environmental notes relating to Category 1 and Category 2 hazards as per immigration guidance;
  • A statement setting out the permitted number of individuals in your property, and the threshold requirements. This will be based on both the Room and Space standards as set out in Housing Legislation;
  • The qualification of your assessor and his or her official stamp certifying your report.

Our Property Inspection Reports are compliant with the UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency)  and UKVI (United Kingdom Visa and Immigration) guidance and guidelines.

They are carried out by either qualified  Housing Consultants and Environmental Assessors who will ensure that your property meets the required standard to pass successfully.

Using digital equipment and lasers for accurate measurement and quick surveys, we take less time and less of your important time (no more tape measures!).

We provide Property Inspection Reports also referred to as an Accommodation Property Report,  Overcrowding Report or Housing Report for the purposes of supporting your immigration case so your case can succeed. We are the cheapest provider in the UK. Please visit our ‘Cost‘ page, prices start from £80.00 inclusive.

We also include a FREE up-to-date copy of the official property register (property deeds)  which we obtain at our cost from the Land Registry which normally cost £20 from online companies providing the same.

The official copy of the property register is used to show the immigration officer who owns the property and whether the freehold or leasehold to the property is owned. It will be needed to prove ownership of the property and will be attached to your Property Inspection Report.

What is a Property Inspection Report?

A Property Inspection Report is the ONLY OFFICIAL document that is accepted by the United Kingdom and the Home Office as proof of adequate residence for your entry clearance application.

The Entry Clearance Officer will use a Property Inspection to decide your case. 

Do I need a Property Inspection Report?

You need a property inspection report for any settlement application made to the UK. In line with the immigration rules, any application made to the Home Office or the UKVI for the purposes of Entry Clearance.

This includes all settlement applications which MUST BE supported by proof that the Sponsor and Applicant have adequate accommodation. So that they can support themselves th without recourse to public housing.

Applications that commonly fall into this requirement include Spouse Visa, Fiance Visa (Marriage Visa), family dependents (such as Children, Parents, Grandparents). This can only be achieved by a property inspection report.

What to expect?

On the day of the visit, your Assessor from will call you to confirm your appointment.

Once he/she arrives, they will make a visual inspection of the outside of your property, notes will be taken including whether the property is detached / semi / terraced, if there is off road parking (amongst other checks).

Inside prior to an inspection your Assessor will take details of the residence, check your ID and any other relevant document which you will be notified off at the time of booking your property inspection report.

We will ask you a standard set of questions relating to your property. Once complete, all habitable spaces will be measured using our digital measurement devices.

Your Assessor will notify you of both the overcrowding and environmental standard and whether your property meets this. You will then receive a report detailing your assessment which you can use to support your immigration application.

The visit will last approximately 30 minutes.

A Property Inspection Report must be carried out by individuals who are suitably qualified to do so – all our assessors are qualified, we have been running for over 9 years and our reports are accepted 100% of the time.

The guidance stipulates that Applicants must:

“Obtain an independent assessment of the number of rooms and occupants of the proposed accommodation. A report from a suitably qualified body certifying that a personal inspection has been carried out and giving details of accommodation inspected is usually acceptable for this purpose. Above all, the Entry Clearance officer must be satisfied that the accommodation will not become overcrowded within the definition of the Housing Act 1985 or that it will not contravene public health regulations.”

A Property Inspection Report through us will meet the legislative requirements giving you piece of mind.

There are two essential requirements an Applicant must meet

  1. That the property is not considered overcrowded in accordance with Part X of the Housing Act 1985, this essentially mean that it should not be currently overcrowded, and the addition of the Applicants will not lead the accommodation to be overcrowded.
  2. That there are no Category 1  or Category 2 hazards in accordance with the HHSRS (Housing Health and Safety Rating Scheme) that could potentially cause the property to be unfit for human habitation.

Property Inspection Reports are the only proof which the UKBA and UKVI consider acceptable to prove that you have adequate accommodation.

If your property is overcrowded in its current state, we will assist you in rearranging your living conditions for example who should share the room or which rooms should be shared to ensure you can still meet the required standard. 

The Law (the boring bit) :

Section  324 (part X of the Housing Act 1985 defines Overcrowding as:  ” A dwelling is overcrowded for the purposes of this Part when the number of persons sleeping in the dwelling is such as to contraveneDefinition of
(a) the standard specified in section 325 (the room standard), or
(b) the standard specified in section 326 (the space standard).”

Section 325 (Part X of the Housing Act 1985) provides us with Space Standard for the purpose of immigration as: “The room standard is contravened when the number of persons
sleeping in a dwelling and the number of rooms available as
sleeping accommodation is such that two persons of the opposite
sexes who are not living together as husband and wife must sleep
in the same room.

The room standard for this purpose (a) children under the age of ten shall be left out of account, and (b) a room is available as sleeping accommodation if it is of a type normally used in the locality as a bedroom or as a living room.”

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