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If you are in the process of applying for your spouse visa application, we can help you prove that your property is adequate for both you and your spouse.


A spouse visa accommodation report is a ncessary part of your application. Whether you are applying for entry clearance, further leave to remain or your indefinite stay, you will need to show that your property is sufficient for you.


A spouse visa will provide the applicant with an intial entry for 33 months, as part of this application a spouse visa immigration housing report is necessary. During this period there are various requirements that must be met. A property inspection report is required by entry clearance officer as proof that you will not need access to public housing which forms part of public funds.


Our UK spouse visa property reports will allow you to do just that. Call us to find out more.




Applicants applying for a fiance visa and marriage visa are also required to show adequate acommodation for their finace or partner. A fiance visa property inspection report will be necessarry.


Often applicants are provided with an initial entry clearance upon meeting the requirements which includes a fiance accommodation report to exemplify there is sufficient space in the property for the fiance and partner. Successful applicants often make an in-country application after conducting their marriage ceremony by switiching to a spouse visa.


If you are seeking to make a fiance visa application or switching to a spouse application call us to arrange a property inspection report for you.




Dependants whether they are children, parents , grandparents or other relation, will require an overcrowding property inspection report for UK Visa and Immigration. Often a dependant is applying for settlement and the rules relating to the sponsor being able to provide adequate accommodation and maintenance is necessary. a deendant accommodation survey will be required.

Our reports are specific for the entry clearance officer and will help you meet your requirements.



A visit visa whether for 6 months or longer shall require at the outset an immigration report for your accommodation. The intial entry clearance application will need to show where the applicant will be staying. Visitors reason for applying may vary but the requirements for the accommodation are the same a visit visa property inspection report will need to accompany any application.


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UK Visa Property Inspection Report for your immigration case:

There are many immigration categories that require the applicant to prove that he or she will be adequately accommodation. An immigration accommodation report is a compulsory part of an application that require you to be accommodated.


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