Your Visit

What happens before, during and after your visit?


Here at we make sure your service runs as smoothly as possible, so you can get on with your day with minimal interruption.


Before your visit:

We will take details from you including, the name of the person booking the property report, a contact number, who owns the property, the reasons behind your requirement of an inspection e.g. spouse visa application, visit visa. Importantly whether there are any issues that concern you about your property this could be because you feel too many people are staying at the property, you currently have building work going on etc… We will also go through what you will require and if possible we take down an email address so we can confirm by email our arrangements for your appointment.


On the day of the visit:

We will call you before the appointment to make sure that you are in. Once we are at the property and usually before knocking we will make a few notes on the exterior of the property e.g. whether there is a driveway, if the property benefits from any obvious rights of way. Once we have introduced ourselves, we will need to take about 10 minutes to go through the particulars of your property with you, your identification, the names of the applicants and sponsors. We will inspect each room in the property using our digital equipment, this depends on the size of the house or flat and the level of repair it is in – this can take approximately 10-1 5 minutes. After the assessment we will sit down with you and go through whether we feel the property is adequate and what happens next .


After your visit:

We will go back to our office to draft up a report, this will include a full breakdown of the accommodation to the satisfcation of the UK border agency, along with a stamp certification of the assessor. You will also receive where applicable a free copy of the property  deeds. This is dispatched within 24 hours, so that means if you assessment is conducted in the morning it will go out with the same days post, if not than it will go out with the following days post.


We also provide a letterhead cover letter confirming the contents of our correspondence to you. You should always read the property inspection report thoroughly to ensure that there are no mistakes in the spelling of the names, these will be rectified free of charge.


A swift, professional, hassle free cost effective immigration property inspection report please get in touch with us by either calling us or using the contact form below.